Pachanga Social

What is the best place for social dancing in Mérida?

Every two weeks we meet all of our students (and students from many salsa schools in Mérida) in a bar called “Las de Guanatos”, which is located in Plaza Canek, a mall right on the Canek Avenue. Since 2013, our Pachanga´s principal goal is that everybody can enjoy a good time, practicing their best steps and meeting new people.

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We are proud to say that this event was inspired greatly by the Mambitos social, which was created in Puebla, México and was likewise inspired by Joel´s super famous La Vieja Guardia Social in Nueva York City.

How exactly is a Pachanga Social organized?

It´s done in a Sunday evening, but very early. This way, everybody can go to sleep relatively early and not be affected the next day because of work, school and so on. Starting at 7 pm and until 1 am, we have more than 5 hours of social dancing.

In our social we only use music played by a specialized salsa and bachata DJ, our very own DJ Master Diver (Idur Díaz). Here you can meet dancers from all schools, dance with everybody and have a great time with the best music.

If you want to have a specific song played, you can approach us and ask us to look it up. We try very hard to put a little bit of everything in the mix so everyone has a good time, not only fast and difficult songs.

But wait, what is a “social”?

Social dance, extracted from here in spanish.

Social dance is when people gather to enjoy each other´s company and dance without a previously established routine of steps. Let´s divide the name in “social” and “dance”. On the one hand, “dance”, fundamental concept, is the main reason why we meet, to practice and learn technique and so on; on the other hand, “social”, characteristic that makes us not only enjoy the dance, but also the people. The social aspect of salsa invites us to meet, enjoy and have fun.

If you are in a social dance or in a room, disco or club dancing salsa, bachata, cha cha cha, kizomba, merengue … no matter what style …, here you have a list of several aspects that you can always apply for the correct development Of a social dance:

1. Be cordial and friendly on and off the dancefloor.

Take a few minutes to greet people who are at a social dance. You do not have to greet everyone, mainly, because you do not have to meet all the attendees. But, no doubt, a “hello” when you arrive and a “goodbye” when you leave will leave good feelings about you. Many people know what good manners are, but few use them. We all say hello and goodbye … As for the dance, be friendly with whom you spend a few minutes dancing, that´s time you´re not getting back. Always appreciate that.

2. Good presence.

You do not need to appear in the best fashion magazines, but looking (and feeling) clean and neat, certainly is more appealing to possible dance partners.

3. Positive attitude.

Positive attitude in a social dance is very important. If your appearance is sad, tired, apathetic, discouraged, as if you were having the worst day of your life, it is way too easy to be discouraged by that. Nobody will ask you to dance if you look like you´re not enjoying it. Try to relax, leave the stress aside, project a positive image and smile. You will be more receptive and you will not mind taking the reins to get out dancing.

4. Get out dancing.

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, or if you are a beginner or experienced dancer, if you are a teacher or a student … If you want to dance, do it! It happens very often that everybody wants to dance, but the dancefloor is empty. We all want to dance, but it’s hard to take the first step. Put aside the shame and enjoy the social dance.

El mejor social de Merida cada quince dias de salsa y bachata

We dance to enjoy and express, not to criticize or mock.

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