Salsa and bachata classes in Mérida

Social dance classes: salsa and bachata.

We speak english! And a little bit of German! Welcome to the first school  in Mérida to offer social salsa and bachata classes. With our method taking group or private classes you will be able to learn how to dance salsa or bachata in just three months and in a fun enjoyable way. Guaranteed!

Our salsa dancing facilities 

Our venue is comfortable and super easy to find. We have more than 72 square meters of dancefloor covered with a wooden textured vinyl tile. There are mirrors in every surface, changing rooms and toilets, as well as a computarized access system, air conditioned and seating for those who wait right outside.

Instalaciones de clases de salsa y bachata en Mérida

Here you can take lessons of:




¿Which is the best class for me?

monthly per person
Learn how to dance with a partner!
12 hours per month
It´s easy and fun
Learn from scratch
Social focus
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Salsa Styles
monthly per person
Learn shines and technique!
12 classes per month
Shines and individual steps
Control your body
Great teachers
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monthly per person
Sensuality and romance!
12 classes per month
Romantic and sensual
The new popular rythm
Learn step by step
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*Please make sure to inquiry for our class packages.

More than salsa, a little bit of everything:

Besides salsa, we have individual steps classes with men and ladies´styles, chacha, bachata and even special workshops of kizomba, mambo on 2, etc. Be sure to try our classes for free and become a star in the dancefloor.


  • Salsa individual steps: ropa sports clothing that is comfortable. We suggest bringing a towel and spare clothes.
  • Salsa and bachata partnerwork: even though it is not required, it is encouraged to bring your own partner with you. That way we can ensure that group classes are even enough in men and women.
  • Men and women are recommended to take care of their personal hygiene before attendind any of our classes.
  • It is pretty normal in classes to switch partners with the rest of the group, so take it as an oppoortunity to learn and grow, as well as to meet more people!

What are you waiting for? The best school in Mérida is waiting for you!

Aprende a bailar salsa en merida, kizomba chacha y mas