Bachata classes

There is now bachata in Mérida, because we bring to you modern and sensual bachata styles, both in group classes and private lessons.  Reserve your spot and start dancing now!

What is bachata?

It is a sensual dance from the Dominican Republic. Its colorful roots are reflected both in its romantic music and in dance accompanied by a couple. Bachata, like tango and other musical expressions in Latin America, reproduces the melancholy and the spirit of love, combining the passion of love and disaffection with the nostalgia of the migrant who, in the Dominican case, is a migration from the countryside to the city.

In modern bachata, elements of various genres such as salsa, tango, zouk-lambada (Brazilian zouk), ballroom, etc. are added to the Dominican tradition. Sensual bachata from Spain integrates body movements, waves and other feminine expressions.

Sounds interesting? If you don´tt have a partner, do not worry. We start each group completely from scratch, although if you have experience with salsa it will be easier. Check our prices and packages here. Come and try a class of bachata for free and learn to dance this sensual rhythm in Merida, Yucatán!

The best place to practice and enjoy social dancing is our Pachanga social de salsa y bachata:

Modern bachata artists around the world:

Bachata in our days is marked by the emergence of digitized forms of music and the introduction of other airs and instruments, as well as mergers with other musical genres. In the letters one feels an influence of the pink stage, in contrast to the erotic-sexual double meaning of the bachata before the eighties. Nevertheless, the sense that had originated as the expressions of love-lovelessness, nostalgia and the proposal of lifestyles where woman is the original source of love and desire is maintained.

At this stage, bachata is massified and imposed as a rhythm with its own characteristics. The company La Guarachita and its station disappear completely. It appears the figure of the entrepreneur and the international artistic promoter and the artists of the bachata become phenomena of popularity.