Private lessons

Salsa for you or a small group 

Would you rather learn salsa or bachata by yourself? Do you prefer the patience and special attention of a private class? If the answer is yes, then maybe you will enjoy our special hours for dedicated groups or even for yourself. This is the best and fastest way to learn how to dance.

Take a look at our packages and organize a small group of friends (so it will be cheaper) in the comfort of our facilities. If you prefer, we can even go to your place (with an extra $100 MXN per person fee). You won´t regret it.

Drop-in class
1 to 4 people
per hour
Class with one instructor
Fee per person
From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
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Group class
5 to 8 people
per hour
Class with one instructor
Fee per person
From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
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Pick your favourite discipline

You can choose from different teachers and different classes: salsa partnerwork, salsa shines with man or lady style, bachata, cumbia, merengue, mambo on 2, pachanga and chachachá.

Improvement and learning are guaranteed

We are so sure of the quality and experience of our instructors, that if you don´t show any signs of improvement over your current situation, you will get your money back for that particular class. Besides, here at Astro Salsa we believe that every student is different, as well as their share of experiences and knowledge. This makes every class special and makes every instructor give their best to bring the best out of you.

¿Interesed? Ask us for more information here! You won´t regret it!

Benefits of dancing salsa

Dancing is a hobby that you can cultivate your whole life, and that will always offer challenges and areas for improvement. Among some of the main benefits you will get from learning to dance:

● It’s fun
● For men to meet women
● For women to meet men
● Good exercise
● Personal Growth
● Increase self-esteem
● Artistic expression
● Improve health
● Make friends
● Physical contact
● Smile

The benefits of dance are cumulative, that is, each goal achieved and each progress is the starting point for new challenges and improvements. Surrounding you with cheerful people, with a positive attitude and enjoying life intensely is the best way to achieve happiness.

Calories burned per hour dancing salsa, for one person from:

Kilos         Calories
56              330
68              396
80              462
90              528

Recent studies show that people who feel loved and appreciated in meaningful social relationships have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, less stress hormones, and a better immune system.

The dance allows you to explore freedom of movement. Dancing you discover the possibilities of your own body. It is a path of personal growth.

The body is a source of languages, speaks for itself, and enriches all communication processes.

Many people who face a major change in their life (change of residence to another city, for example) have found in the dance a refuge and the road to a new life. In these times of instant communication and being connected all the time through social networks, we find ourselves increasingly far from our peers.

Physical contact is necessary for the emotional development of children and is still necessary in adults, but there are fewer opportunities to express it with a hug or physical closeness outside the couple, and this is assuming you have a partner. Socially it is very badly seen talking with strangers, much more try to embrace them.

Dancing is one of the only activities where you can approach a girl you do not know, take her in your arms and share a physical and emotional bond for 3 minutes. If there is chemistry and both feel good, they can repeat the experience as many times as they want.

Come and take our salsa lessons, bachata and more!