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Salsa lessons in Mérida

Forget all excuses! Here you will learn step by step how to dance salsa LA and NY styles created by our maestro Eddie Torres, the Vázquez brothers and many more. We  super easy method

What is linear salsa, NY or LA style?

Linear salsa is also called LA style (or On1) and NY style (or On2) and were both born in the USA as a fusion from afrocaribbean dances, jazz and swing. It´s main difference with salsa caleña (cali style) and cuban style is it´s linear distribution of the steps. Dancers step always on an imaginary line going back and forth over the slots. LA style and NY style (and even Puertorican style) are all linear styles of salsa, different from casino and cali styles of salsa.

It´s important to know that, even though music is similar and one can dance every song using any of the mentioned styles, it is encouraged to dance each song using its predominant style. For example: a timba song should be danced with casino, even though it may be possible to dance it using LA style moves.

How do I tell different salsa styles apart?

As previously stated, in LA or NY style, the dancers move back and forth over an imaginary line. It is very easy to learn, it´s the most flashy and the advanced technique is somewhat complicated for beginners. On the other hand, cuban style has a more circular motion, and caleña is totally different, with dancers moving their feet lightning fast.

With our method, learning how to dance salsa will be a piece of cake! Check out our Youtube channel so that you can see some of the combinations of steps that you will learn in as little as three months.

What are social classes?

Our school´s focus is to build capable social dancers. A capable social dancer should be able to improvise, enjoy and interpret the music with confidence using salsa steps on the dancefloor. As a plus, we organize events where you will have the opportunity to practice and meet new people, improving your skills a step a time.

If what you are looking for is to develop your skills as a PROFESSIONAL DANCER, using tricks and advanced technique, we can be your first step. Perhaps, after some time, you can move on to another school that is specialized in that kind of dancers, shows and competitions.

Linear salsa over the world

Everywhere you find a worldwide phenomenon related to this style of dance, with international congresses, contests and incredible choreographies around the planet. Get involved and start dancing now, it is so much fun, you can meet lots of nice people, learn new steps every day and grow personally in your self-esteem and confidence.

Salsa classes for absolute beginners

Each of the courses starts with the basic step, adjusting to the level of the students and reviewing a little each day if necessary. Lose your fear and learn to dance with Astro Salsa! The sky is the limit, whether you want to learn one, two or three steps to lose your shyness or even if you want to compete and be professional dancer. It´s up to you.

What happened to my group class?

There is a cycle that occurs in salsa classes that is completely natural. I explain: When a group starts from scratch, we sometimes have up to 30 people in the room, which is good because it shows that there is a general interest in this salsero environment. Over time, say about 6 months, people (as in any extracurricular activity, etc.) stop attending gradually, for personal reasons, work, etc. There is a point where we have classes with 5 or 6 people and we have to make a decision. On the one hand, we have waiting list to open a new group and on the other we have a group that has little assistance.

What happens in these cases is that we open one of our hours for the new group and the students who took classes at that time, are changed to a schedule that suits them and that fits their experience. This is a personal and individual decision, you can take more advanced classes or go back a bit and review the previous steps. It is normal that you have to repeat some of the classes and see the same step several times. It is preferable to have greater experience with a step than advancing too fast missing lots of details.

It is important to know that this is a matter of attendance and that it does not depend on us, but it is about being able to give a service to others who also have the right to participate and enjoy as you do. We appreciate your understanding in this regard and we hope that whatever level you take, you have fun and enjoy yourself.