Salsa shines and style classes

Learn how to dance salsa shines with style!

Our individual classes now have a technical focus that will make you look better on the dance floor. These classes are for those who have already taken salsa partnerwork or the previous cardio mode and want to look better defining their technique. Join regular group lessons or, if you prefer, schedule private salsa lessons with style!

Yes, couples classes are fantastic to learn the steps and combinations, as well as the indications and ways to follow, musicality and also to learn to listen to the instruments. However, if you want to go beyond knowing the steps and taking your dance to the next level, then we highly recommend the style classes for both men and women.

Highly qualified salsa instructors:

We have the support of our different instructors, who are always attending congresses to bring you simply the best. Come and meet them!

Your first lesson is free

We invite you to try one of our classes that consist of free or individual steps, that is, without a dance partner. You will learn new steps, always starting with some simple ones to elaborate sequences a little more complex.

We know that the first time is always difficult. For this we have a lot of dedication and time to explain each of the steps in detail. Do not worry, what matters here is to try and avoid staying still. No frustration, no hassle, just lots of salsa and lots of fun.

More shines and steps:


Shines (to shine or shine-shoes, for example), also called “free steps”, are called combinations of steps in salsa that dance without partners. On the continent, sometimes, small jumps are incorporated, the so-called earrings.

The free steps serve to the self-expression of each dancer and can be performed as either playful improvisations or artistic choreographies of foot techniques. The free step dance serves many as warm-up. The free passes constitute the basis of the aerobic sauce.